The year has been a witness of numerous album releases. From mainstream artists to indie artists. From superstars to those who are making their debut in the music scene. I could probably say that the world won’t ever run out of very talented musicians. Say, there are a lot of opportunities to choose from. A variety of genre, style, gimmick, and a lot more to mention including ways in the internet to get noticed by the public.

And because LILY Online is so addicted to music, we are pleased to give you our freshly-picked choices of music for the year 2014. Time is running out so we better start unloading the grocery carts!


They were the artists who really made it big last year. Aside from album debuts, the fans became more than excited to know more of their personal lives. Well, that’s actually a fresh start of being a rising star! Betty Who was my favorite among the headliners. I couldn’t help but to really admire her debut album, “Take Me When You Go” and the genre. It’s like she’s taking me back to some parts of the 80s. I guess the beats of the drums are phenomenal! Also, other debut albums like Sam Smith’s “In The Lonely Hour”, 5 Seconds of Summer’s self-titled album, Mary Lambert’s “Heart On My Sleeve”, Meghan Trainor’s debut EP “Title” (also an upcoming studio debut album this early 2015), FKA Twigs’ debut album “LP1”, Kiesza’s “Sound Of A Woman” and the Youtube Star, Troye Sivan’s debut extended play, “Trxye”.


These were “obviously” the albums who hit more than their target profit. Besides of being very attractive to the audience, these albums were definitely worth the price. To take note some, Sam Smith’s debut album “In The Lonely Hour” was to prove that. Sam went for almost two years to write all of his songs. But in the case of Taylor Swift, she started writing her own songs for her new-sound, new-genre album “1989” for only almost a year yet the album was a record-breaker with a million copies sold for just a week after it was released.  Also in Philipine music, Sarah Geronimo’s bestselling album, “Perfectly Imperfect” was remarkable. You’d better check it out!


These were actually compilations of songs that best suit the mood of the listener especially after watching the entire film. One of the most talked about and most admired OSTs of 2014 was the “Begin Again Soundtrack” that featured the vocals of Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine and the model/actress Keira Knightley. I would also praise the compilations and the original songs from the OST of The Fault In Our Stars, The Giver and If I Stay. All are worth to listen to!


These were the artists who paused for some several years before coming back to the 2014 scene. For instance, Lily Allen was in 5-year hiatus. She chose to take a leave first and spare her full time with her kids. It had been five years and now she was back with her latest album “Sheezus”. I admit this album had hit me in the entire 2014. Right after it was released, I couldn’t help but to experience severe LSS to the record. On the other hand, Sia and La Roux made a comeback too. It was years ago since La Roux and Sia made their previous albums. These two artists are remarkable because of the genre and their unique sound. If you haven’t checked these out yet, you better start listening to each track of each album now!


Who doesn’t know the popular music? Well, I’d only like to praise Nicki Minaj’s latest album “The Pinkprint”. This one is actually different. I mean it’s the new Minaj. More emotional and less explicit. You’d probably don’t want to miss out this album. It was just released last December so it’s still fresh in all record stores around the world!



There you go! Our picks for 2014. We highly recommend each album that’s featured and mentioned in this article. May we all have an eargasmic 2015!

Contributor: Laurence San Pedro


Follow him! @laurencesnpedro


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