Why Lily loves Bioware

Role-playing games are fun to play especially if you can customize your own character: choosing physical appearance, outfits and equipments up to developing a personality, following certain beliefs etc. But the essence of a role-playing game is its plot, in many ways, playing a role-playing game is like watching a movie in which you can be the protagonist and you can interact with the other characters and visit places. It is like having an adventure without really leaving your home, living a different life in a different world or place. It is like reading a book but having all of the effects manifested for you to see with your own eyes and hear with your ears in which you need not to rely too much on your imagination.

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Dragon Age : Origins – Create your Character

Many of the gamers out there would probably know the name “Bioware” and to those who don’t, Bioware is a Canadian video game developer who made your favorite video games such as Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and more recently the Dragon Age and Mass Effect Series.

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Bioware Games

I remember playing my first Star Wars RPG video game that was made by Bioware it was called “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”. I fell in love with it in an instant, maybe because I am a huge star wars fan but it can’t be denied that Bioware did the plot splendidly beautiful. Playing as a galactic republic soldier who is really an amnesiac Sith lord that has a choice to redeem and be a Jedi again or reclaim the mantle of the dark side; really does have an appeal (Yes. My Nerdness is showing.).  Aside from that, the characters have been very well created, unique and have a development (not bunch of petty flat characters)

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

But the question of Bioware’s prowess in creating RPG games has been answered when I encountered the Dragon Age franchise. Never did I know that it’s possible to love these developers more that I already have. Dragon Age: Origins is a masterpiece. It has that “Tolkien elements” that any nerd will love.  Mages, Elves, Dwarves, part-undead-part-orc-like-monstrous-beings-that-moves-like-goblins which they call Darkspawn and those Horned giants they call Kossith; all with varying politics, religions, prejudices, abilities, lore and culture that are sometimes used as an allegory.

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Races in Dragon Age Universe – Kossith, Human, Elves, Dwarves.

Now let us answer the question: Why does LILY love Bioware? LILY loves Bioware because it recognizes “Love” as Love that does not discriminate, regardless of gender, age, religion, beliefs and culture. It is one of the few game developers that create games in which you are free to have relationship even if you are of the same gender. In the world/universe-setting the games are in, LGBTQ relationships are not taboo and seen as a natural thing, nothing but a normal occurrence.

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Dragon Age 2 – Male Hawke(the player’s char.) flirts with Anders

Aside from supporting the LGBTQ community, Bioware also changed the status-quo of Role-Playing Games (RPG) by addressing society’s issues by the use of metaphors that depict real life crisis such as religious squabbling, apostasy, extremists, power struggle between the church and the state, religious fanatics, pettiness of the rich, cultural stereotyping, discrimination of marginal groups (such as non-conformists, social deviants, the poor, LGBTQ community &PWD)and  because of that, Bioware could be perceived as an activist that cleverly uses its games as a tool for social change.

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Mass Effect Characters Male Romance Meme

And so, those were the reasons why LILY loves Bioware and a fair warning; Although I support and adore its games a lot, be aware that most of their games have a teen rating and have warnings for gore, language and other mature themes. So be very careful and try to keep games such as this from your children until the time that they are old enough to understand and ready enough to learn such things.

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Anders, Garrett Hawke and Fenris. Characters in Dragon Age 2

Bioware‘s games are so full of color and excitement and I can’t wait to play its latest game the Dragon Age: Inquisition. I am sure that it is another game with a lot of action, suspense, witty one-liners, cool characters and amazing adventure.

Source : Bioware
New Bioware Game – Dragon Age : Inquisition

What is your say about Bioware? Do you have the same opinion as ours? Or do you have a violent reaction about it? Feel free to share your thoughts! Comment below!

Contributor: Yves Pagcaliwagan


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